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Working late

(I am new to tumblr so don’t go too hard on me please xD anyway this is just a small, crappy something that I thought I’d submit! Also sorry if it is quite long, there may be a few mistakes as I wrote this quite late at night :O

Greed-ler x Reader 

 very NSFW)

It had been almost a year since you started working at the Thneed factory. Recently you had taken to working late every night, as you felt you would be more useful at the factory as apposed to lazing about in your flat. Besides maybe, just maybe, you would get noticed for all your hard work and be rewarded! As you look up from the conveyer belt transporting thneeds to the packaging area of the factory, you see a huge poster almost covering an entire wall. You repeat the words written on it to yourself “Too big to fail…”. The Once-ler’s face possesses an arrogant smile as he looks out across the factory floor. He is very attractive despite his demeanour.

"I guess I’d have a smile like that too if I were in his position" you say to yourself, before resuming your work.

As you feel your eyes drooping from fatigue, you check the clock. Crap, 11:30 you shut off the conveyer belt, and check the last thneeds before heading to your work locker. It creeks a you open it, you check your appearance in the mirror you placed on the inside door of your locker. You know that you are attractive; but you prefer to be modest about it. You fluff up your hair before removing your safety goggles and helmet, and then replacing your high visibility jacket with your coat. I look like I’m going to some sort of meeting now.. you think to yourself with a side smile.

Approaching the exit of the factory you realise you have never left this late before; you can see the pitch black sky through the transparent door. You flash your ID badge at the access system and it beeps, denying you through What the? you stand there staring at it for a while. Not amused, you try it once more. The damned devise beeps again, the same as a few seconds ago. You look around and you see no means of being able to leave anytime soon. You will have to walk around and see if you can find a caretaker or something. So you head to the more executive part of the building.

You have never been to this part of the building. Not even for your interview. The floors were covered in an expensive looking, mahogany carpet, and the walls were decorated with beautiful paintings lined with shiny golden frames. After about half an hour of wandering around, you finally came to a desk in front of a huge door. The desk was unoccupied, so you walked past to analyse the door. It had a golden plaque on it with the CEO’s name engraved into its surface. You felt nervous for some reason, even though the CEO had probably left hou-

"Snooping, are we?" you jump and whip your head around to find the Once-ler leaning against the desk you had just passed, looking at his pocket watch.

You desperately look for the right words to say but you go blank, and just stare at the tall figure in astonishment. He looks up from his pocket watch, and tucks it into his suit.

"(Your name), isn’t it? You work on the factory" he says.

How does he know my name?! You think, before snapping out of your speechless state.

"Sorry, Mr Once-ler.Sir. Yes, I am (your name), and yes I work at the fac-" before you can finish he silences you by lifting his hand. A pink blush invades your cheeks, you feel your heart beat quicken causing you to become slightly flustered. He strides over to you. His walk is proud, and he reeks the essence of power. He opens the door to his office and stands behind it, waiting for you to enter, to which you oblige. He takes a seat in a large red velvet chair, gesturing for you to sit opposite him.

The Once-ler takes off his sparkling blue shades, and rests them down his his desk revealing beautiful, almost clear, pale blue eyes.

"Miss (your name), can you explain to me how you have ended up outside my office?" he leans forward, listening intently. 

After you had explained your predicament, he seemed rather amused, and for the first time you had seen him smile. Not an arrogant ‘poster’ smile, but a genuine and sweet smile: He’s actually really cute.

"Well, no harm done. I mean, (your name), you are an incredible employee. You have done a greater quantity than any of your colleagues…" he trailed off, and then bit his pink lip.

"Not necessary, sir. I stay late because I want to" your ‘modesty’ kicking in. He gets up and walks around his desk slowly while responding to you

"This reward, I would personally" you feel like your heart is going to stop, as he looks up at you from under his eyebrows 

"like to give it to you…" he leans back on the desk, you don’t move away as you enjoy the closeness. His knees are touching yours, as your chair is quite high and you are wearing heels.

You give a seductive giggle, and cross your legs. Leaning forward slightly you allow him to have a naughty peek at your cleavage. He gives you a sexy grin immediately, due to your response.

"Well, Mr Once-ler" you say huskily, and look up at him innocently "I wouldn’t dare stand in the way of anything you wanted" You can imagine he is the kind of man that is used to being dominant, so you slowly stand up, giving him constant eye contact before grabbing hold of his tie and pulling him into you. Your lips crash together and you are both fused together in a heated lip lock, the kiss is passionate and hard. You feel him nibble at your lower lip, as his silky, gloved hands roam up your thighs. 

You encourage his movements with a light moan into his lips, and you feel him smirk into the kiss. You pull away for air, and he gazes at you wiping the saliva off of his lips with one hand, still holding your thigh with the other. He pulls you in again, but this time he lifts you up, and you wrap your legs around his waist. As he is carrying you, you violently kiss up his neck and across his jaw. He responds with a sharp inhale and quiet grunt, then moving his lips to your shoulder. You feel his teeth gently scrape against your skin as he pulls the bra strap off to one side with his teeth, and then following up by kissing your bare shoulder. Moving his way up to your neck, he throws the objects that once rested on his desk, to the floor in one quick swipe and then setting you down.

He feels your neck muscles move, to look at what he had done but he reassures you by panting “Not important”. He entwines strands of your hair in his fingers, giving you a comforting, pleasant sensation as he kisses your face. The CEO snakes a long, lean arm around your waist and pulls you in even closer to him, completely closing the distance between your bodies. He buries his face into the crook of your neck and his hot, gentle breath caresses your skin as he kisses the soft spot relentlessly, you bite your lip down to stop you from allowing a moan to pass your lips. The tall figure straightens up after a few minutes and he pops one of his fingers into your mouth, to which you bite the fabric of his glove, pulling it off. After doing so with the other glove, the Once-ler grabs his top hat and throws it with a slight spin, it flies through the air and lands on a coat rack. He smiles at himself and you laugh at his smug expression over something so trivial. His eyes run across your body, as though he is drinking you in with his eyes, so thirsty. His hands reach out to pull off your vest top, but you stop him.

"Take yours off first" you say with a coy smile. He gives a surprised laugh and raises his eyebrows.

"Fine…" he replies biting his lip, to contain a grin " but only if you take it off for me" the CEO’s smirk stretches across his face, ear to ear almost. You agreed silently, and began unbuttoning his jacket. He slid it off, and left it on the floor then resuming his actions. He pulled your shirt off in one swift move to reveal your (favourite colour) laced bra. He kissed and sucked at your chest, then licked across the rim of your bra teasingly.

"Ahh!" you moaned by accident, even surprising yourself, this gave Once-ler all the acknowledgment he needed; he unhooked your bra and threw it with the other discarded items of clothing. His back was hunched as he kissed your right breast, rolling your nipple between his lips and massaging your other breast with his right hand. So much pleasure is welling up inside of you that you almost forget who you are screwing.

"Take your shirt off. Take it off. Now" you demand, a gasp with each sentence. He appears to like being bossed around, and does as you say. He knows he has you where he wants you and begins to undress himself, at a painfully slow pace. You watch him peel his shirt off, with his back to you, he has surprisingly muscular shoulders. Blood rushes to your face as he begins to unzip his trousers. Pulling them down just above his bum, the turns to you, still sitting on his desk, and speaks.

"You know, it was getting awfully tight down there" he gives you a cheeky wink, then allowing his garments to drop. Including his underwear. The Once-ler turns around and you can not help but stare at his huge, upright manhood.

"You like?" he asks, with a deep chuckle. Well! That must’ve been a rhetorical question! you thought, closing your mouth after realising your jaw had actually dropped.

He walks over to you, with that walk he does. Gazing into your (eye colour) eyes, he slowly descends to his knees and then began to rub you through your panties. Tenderly he kisses you on the insides of your thighs, making you shudder and moan. Once you had got used to his touch, he stepped it up a notch, and pulled your underwear off, then pushing his index finger into you slowly. You inhaled quickly as he did this, Once-ler then attached his mouth to your cliterous keeping his movements in synch to intensify your experience. The flickering of his tongue and the fluid movements of his soft, warm hands were sending you insane making you touch yourself and gently call to him. Feeling as though you were about to cum, you have a feeling the ecstasy of an orgasm will not be bestowed upon you this easily. You feel the man pry himself away from you, his eyes brimming with lustful desire. You bring yourself to speak to him between gasps.

"It’s…your…turn" you push him back. Hard. The Chief Executive Officer lands in his large armchair. You eye up his erection. How will it even fit? you wonder. He bites his lip as he watches you decide what to do with him, eyes rich with anticipation. Kneeling in front of him you take his balls in one hand and begin massaging them gently, the other hand reached around his back and you began to draw small shapes on his tail bone. He emitted a deep, groan and started playing with your hair.

"Ahh! I don’t deserve…this much torture…d-do I?" He asked, pleading you with his eyes. I am enjoying this you think to yourself, watching such a powerful, graceful man wrapped around your little finger. You look up at him and flutter your eyelashes.

"Don’t go all doe-eyed on m-Ahhhhhh fuck!" you suddenly take a good portion of his penis in your mouth, swirling your tongue around the head. He holds onto your hair with both of his hands this time, and hunches his back slightly. You plan on giving him a taste of his own medicine; when he is about to climax you pull him out of your mouth with a small pop sound. Sweat is glistening on his body and he is panting heavily, looking at you he smirks at you realising your plan.

"You’re strikingly similar to me, (your name)" he crawls off the chair like an animal on all fours. Dayum! This time taking your head in his hand and resting his abdomen against yours, the Once-ler brushes his lips on yours and then kisses you lovingly. Feeling the head of his penis at the lips of your vagina, he strokes you with it a few times to make sure your wet enough before entering. You both moan, looking at each intently, feeling his swollen, rod pulsating inside of you. He started off quite slow, which surprised you considering that would be the sort of sex you’d expect a couple to have, but he soon sped up. After a good forty-five minutes or so he started to plough into you, with one hand on your thigh pulling you toward him with each thrust. Gripping his shoulders you sat up and pushed him down again, so that you could now get on top. One of your hands rested on his stomach and the other on the soft carpet. You pumped up on down on his huge, erect penis. You were both very close to climax, your entire body being consumed by a build up of pleasure. You felt him twitch and see him clench his teeth, about to cum. The tingling hot sensation of orgasm ran through your bones, causing you to scream out his name to which he then released to. You felt a bit flushed as you called his name, but unexpectedly, he shouted yours through a moan too.

"Oh god, (your name), ahhhh!" After he had came you both held each other, your abdomens heaving for air.

Once-ler kisses you on the lips, moving your hair away from your ear and then spoke.

"You can come see me tomorrow, after your first day as Thneed production manager" he stroked your hair as he said that, and you were absolutely speechless. "Look" he continued "I like you a whole lot more than I ever thought, and I want to keep you around as long as possible. So I’d also like you to have your own office" you still have no idea how to react. "…next to my own". I …must be in a coma you thought, pinching yourself on the arm, the CEO looked at you and laughed. Placing his hand on your cheek and caressing you gently he spoke again.

"You’re not dreaming, and I am pretty sure I’m not either" he laughed again. 

"Yes" you say abruptly, lunging forward kissing him. He replies with a gorgeous, dazzling smile and one simple word.


The Sweetest Thing


It’s been a whole year since the movie came out! Happy anniversary onceler fandom!

(Go easy on me! This is my first oncelerxreader story to do! I felt like once-ler and us blog needed some attention so I whipped this up. Also in honor for the first fics that I think we’re around in the beginning.)

Rating: K.  

You awoke feeling sore which was no surprise. After all, you were seven months along in your pregnancy. The cravings, morning sickness and swollen ankles were nothing new. You could hear your significant other softly snoring and decided to let him catch up on some sleep.

You heaved yourself up from the bed the best you could and finally waddle out of the room in the cottage. You opened one door which led to a room painted in pink with dolls scattered around. You saw your daughter, still sleeping too. Her eyes, which were identical to her daddy’s were closed and barely fluttered an eyelash.

Smiling, you went outside to get some fresh air. The valley was gorgeous on that fine, spring morning. The air was delicous of Truffula Trees and the only sounds were the breeze and soft running of the river. The grass was soft under your barefeet.

“Only two more months,” you whispered to your second baby. You and Once-ler were excited about the big day.

Once-ler especially with how he was knitting booties and building a new crib since your firstborn wasn’t out of hers yet. It reminded you of how Once-ler had been with your first pregnancy; running around, helping you prepare for your arrival. You had always loved that sweet side of him, that sweet thing of him.

It was hard to believe that years ago you had met in your sophomore year of high school and became friends after getting partnered in a class project for Home Economics. You only got closer and closer. Then Once-ler left to seek his fortune with a Thneed and you missed him terribley. Soon after he left, your family had news that they were moving and since you didn’t have any plans at the moment decided to go with the change. To your surprise it was the same town that Once-ler lived nearby.

What had happened then? You could say you both reunited and fell in love. He proposed to you (after asking your father of course!) and now you had been married for three years. Married with a two-year-old and new little one on the way.

As you thought these precious memories out, you felt familiar arms gently grip you around you. Your head felt the chest of your beloved behind you.

“Morning Pretty Lady,” said Once-ler against your ear.

“Good morning,” you chuckled. “Sleep well?”

“Very well,” he said. Once-ler turned you around so he could give you a good morning kiss.

You had to rise up a little on your toes to reach your husband, but every kiss was worth it when you did. Once-ler gently stroked your biggering tummy and bent down to kiss it as well. You smiled warmly at his affection.

“How’s she doing?” he asked looking up at you. Once-ler had been ecstatic finding out you were having another girl.  

“I think she wants some breakfast soon,” you said.  

“Mama,” came a little voice.  

You both turned to see your little daughter toddle out with her blanket. She had her arms up in eagerness and Once-ler heaved her up in his arms. He gave a chuckle and kissed her head.

“I want pancakes Daddy,” your soon-to-be-oldest daughter squealed.

“Pancakes it is,” laughed Once-ler and draped her over his shoulder. “Let’s get breakfast going.”

You followed behind, placing your hands in front of you, with a smile. You looked at your little family which would grow again. If anything, you had more than you could ask for. Having two children, a lovely home, Once-ler and all the love you had in your life was better than what you dreamed of. It was the sweetest thing.           


Author: Fanservice-ler

Featuring: Once-ler, You
Rating: Borderline NSFW 

Author’s note: “I don’t consider myself a great author, but I’m going against my gut and putting my stuff out there. I really hope at least one person will read this and have a good impression. If there are more than one, I guarantee more will be on the way. Thank you so much. :D Enjoy.”

Click through to read it!

Wake-up Call

Author: Anonymous
Blog: N/A

Featuring: The Once-ler, You (female)
Rating: NSFW

This was submitted to my other blog (Once-ler and You) in the form of about 10 asks, so I’m guessing it was meant to be sent here ^ ^’
I popped it all in a word document and formatted it for easier reading.
The asks were anonymous, so I’m tagging the author as such!

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